This page has been set up to make it easy for you to find and download materials and information so you can participate in Jewelers for Children.  We have videos, photos, press releases, print materials and social media posts that can be customized for your needs.  This library will be continually updated to provide you with the most current, valuable information.

Here are some different versions of the JFC logo you can use on your website, in your emails and on your printed material.  We have additional versions available.  Please contact us if you don’t see what you need.

Jewelers for Children wooden toy block logo
Jewelers for Children wooden toy block logo

Jewelers for Children has many products available that you can use to promote your support of our cause.  Some are available at no charge and others like holiday cards, can be purchased.  While these all appear on other sections of our website, we’ve assembled them here to make it easy for you to find them all in one place.

Holiday Honor Donation Form
Holiday Card Order Form
JFC Canister Order Form
JFC notecard order form

There are a number of ways to support JFC.  Click below to see programs you can participate in and raise funds for children in need.

See More Programs

Do you need ideas on how you can raise funds.  Here is a page with ideas from programs that have been run and had success in raising funds.  You can even see examples of what others have done and the materials they developed.

Implement a holiday “wish list” program that is built around an in-store event where your customers can shop and prepare their own wish list. They identify the gift givers in their lives and you can contact them and invite them to stop in and shop from the wish list for the important people in their lives.

For an example of how one jeweler used a Wish List program, click here.

Donate proceeds or a portion of the proceeds from watch battery replacements to the JFC. Or offer complimentary replacements in exchange for a $10 donation to the JFC. Promote the program through the media and in-store with a message such as, “Let us change your watch battery and together we’ll change the life of a child.”

To read one success story, click here.

Partner with a supplier or retailer to offer a specific product to customers to raise money for JFC. Through such a program, the supplier would donate a specific amount to the JFC for every product sold while benefiting from additional promotional value as their brand is highlighted to retail customers. Traditional incentives offered by suppliers might be forfeited in exchange for their support of your JFC fundraising program. A number of companies in the industry produce a specific product that benefits JFC.

To read how some companies are working with JFC, click here.

March for a Cause is a simple way for manufacturers, designers, and retailers to raise money for JFC and reap the benefits of cause marketing.

For more information about March for a Cause, click here.

Hosting a community-wide fundraising event is a great way to raise money for the JFC while raising awareness of your company’s brand. Many jewelers have had success hosting golf or tennis tournaments, walk-a-thons, races, and even miniature golf events. Be creative and raise money while having a great time doing something your employees, customers and the community will enjoy! And consider soliciting other local businesses such as food and beverage suppliers to either donate or offer reduced rates on their products and services to help you offset your costs and maximize your donation to the JFC.
Similar to a percentage of sales, but requires the customer to make a store purchase before being offered the JFC fundraising product for purchase. This program creates an exclusive opportunity that is only available to customers of the store and could include such products as plush items, jewelry boxes, charms, rubber bracelets, holiday ornaments, etc.

To read about how one jeweler uses this program, click here.

Sponsoring special event fundraiser’s is a great way to host customers in your store, feature your merchandise and show your support for a great cause. Offer a spectacular piece of jewelry as an auction or special drawing prize and provide jewelry cleaning, sizing or other services for customers who participate in the auction. A request can also be made through the JFC to invite a charity representative and/or family to be the special guests at your event.


An open house invitation to the celebrate the new store of Jewelry Creations and announcing a Jewelers for Children charity raffle
Jewelers for Children promotional ad explaining how the percentage of your purchase benefits JFC for retailers
Offer a specific product or product line to customers and donate a percentage of the sales price to the JFC. Products can be existing merchandise on hand or new products specially designed and branded for the Jewelers for Children. This is similar to a co-op program with a manufacturer, but relates to a jeweler using product in their store vs. purchasing product from a manufacturer who has an arrangement with JFC.
The customer is asked at the register if they would like to roundup their purchase price to the nearest dollar, or add a specific dollar amount to their bill in support of the cause. Roundup participants could be offered a free gift opportunity or service such as sizing or jewelry cleaning in exchange for their gift.
During a designated promotional period, a set donation amount would be donated to the JFC for every store gift certificate sold. An enclosure card could be created to accompany the gift certificate with a message to the recipient about how their gift is also a gift for children supported by the JFC.
A “pin-up” is offered for purchase to customers for a price point of $5 or $10, added on to their bill at the register. The pin-up is traditionally made of paper, and hung around the area of purchase with the customer’s name written on the pin-up. The pin-up could feature a tear-off bounce-back coupon or special gift opportunity for a service such as sizing or jewelry cleaning for the customer.
Another pin-up concept would be to offer the customer a paper “link” that would be combined with other customers’ links to create a long bracelet to display in your store. This could present an interesting media opportunity by having customers and employees spread across the store holding the long link bracelet.
Involve your employees in your fundraising by holding special events and promotions. Have an employee bake sale, a raffle or silent auction, or offer a jeans day to those employees who make contributions.

For more ideas on involving your employees, click here.

Letting your customers know that you are supporting JFC and raising funds is very important.  It’s also important to promote your activity in your local community.  Here is a sample customer communication and a sample press release you can modify and use to help build interest in your program.

Sample Customer Communication
Sample Press Release

Here is a link to an introductory video about Jewelers for Children.

JFC Introductory video

You can see videos from our four Legacy Charities below.   The videos are located on YouTube due to the size of the files.  Each video below has a link to YouTube.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital video
Make-A-Wish America video
National CASA/GAL video
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation video

Below are synopses of each of our Legacy Charities.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Make-A-Wish America
National CASA/GAL
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

We have compiled formatted social media posts that are specific to each of our charity partners.  They are ready for you to simply paste into your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feeds.

National CASA/GAL Association


Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Glaser 1
Glaser 2
Glaser 3
Glaser 4
Glaser 5
Glaser 6
Glaser 7

Make-A-Wish America

Make-A-Wish 1
Make-A-Wish 2
Make-A-Wish 3
Make-A-Wish 4
Make-A-Wish 5
Make-A-Wish 6
Make-A-Wish 7
Make-A-Wish 8
Make-A-Wish 9
Make-A-Wish 10
Make-A-Wish 11
Make-A-Wish 12

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

St. Jude 1
St. Jude 2
St. Jude 3
St. Jude 4

Organization for Autism Research