Jessa’s Story

Jessa, 5, nervous system disorder, I wish to be queen of Queen City

Jessa was born with a nervous system disorder and has undergone 18 surgeries, but that doesn’t hold her back from doing what she loves. Jessa has participated in more than 25 beauty pageants since age 2. She was also the first child in a wheelchair to join her competitive dance team.

Jessa is a confident “girly girl” who loves spending time with her family and friends. Her ultimate wish was to be queen of Queen City (the nickname for Charlotte, N.C.), complete with a ball to celebrate her birthday. Everyone at the ball, including Jessa, would be dressed in her favorite color, yellow.

Hundreds of people gathered for Jessa’s party, including local leaders and Make-A-Wish® donors who don’t regularly have the chance to witness a wish come true. Meanwhile, a power company lit up their downtown building in yellow in Jessa’s honor. “I have never seen so many adults that don’t know us from the man in the moon personally come and gush over our little tiny girl,” said Jessa’s mom, Jacki. “She was the celebrity.” As for the ball itself, “It was beautiful,” Jessa said. “I had lots of friends there, and we danced.”

Since her wish was granted by Make-A-Wish, Jessa has run into people around town who say, “We know you! You’re Queen Jessa!” “It’s very humbling because I know how special she is and how much she has had to endure,” Jacki said.

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