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Saturday September 25, 2021!

Join us on Saturday September 25, 2021 for our fourth annual JFC Day!  It’s a day for all supporters of JFC and for potential new ones to celebrate the success of the industry’s support for children in need and raise visibility and funds for the charity.  Our charity partners join us in this celebration and you may receive a store visit from some of the local employees and vendors representing the charities we support.

We have available a participation guide to help you plan your activities, along with logos, social media posts, counter card, sample press release and videos fore your use.

This year there are two designs to choose from for use in your communications to your customers, in your store and on your social media.  Each logo has the same message, but a slightly different look.  Choose the one you want and you can download all the assets you need to promote JFC Day for your company.

Suppliers – What You Can Do On JFC Day

  •  Send a note and/or email to your retail customers telling them about JFC Day and what you’re doing to participate and stress the importance of their involvement in this nationwide effort.
  • Offer a promotion on a particular item, or items, you sell to your retailers indicating that if they order you will make a donation to JFC.
  • Create Facebook fundraiser. Visit https://business.facebook.com/fundraisers, to see how you can create a fundraiser and support JFC.

Retailers – What You Can Do On JFC Day

  • Run some type of fundraising event in your business. Run a special event, donation with a purchase, round up, or sale of an item to raise funds.
  • Place a canister in your store and educate your retail customers about the JFC canister. Ask them to make a donation in the canister.  When you perform simple jobs for customers that you don’t charge for, ask them to make a donation.  JFC will send a canister and stand to anyone who asks, free of charge.  We also include tips on how to promote the canister in the store.
  • Create Facebook fundraiser. Visit https://business.facebook.com/fundraisers, to see how you can create a fundraiser and support JFC.

Whatever you decide to do on JFC Day, make sure you let people know!

  • Promote your involvement in JFC, and the amazing work that the industry is doing through their support of JFC. Highlight your support on your website and provide a link to the JFC website.  Periodically mention JFC in your social media posts and link to our social media:
  • Display the JFC counter card and window cling to show your support.

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Participation Guide
Sample Press Release
Download JFC Day Logo 1
Download JFC Day Logo 2
Download Counter Card
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JFC Day Email 1
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