Feel Good, Do Good with JFC

The JFC Fitness Challenge is back and it’s even better this year!  Now, you don’t need to own any equipment to participate, you just need to get moving and GetFit4Kids!

Plan what you want to do to get moving.  You can walk, run, ride a piece of fitness equipment,  or just do some type of activity.  If you have a wearable fitness device or phone, you can even link to the site where your progress will automatically update.

What is the JFC Fitness Challenge?

The JFC Fitness is a fundraising activity to raise money for the various charities that JFC supports through its donations, as well as starting off the new year by keeping some of those resolutions.

How much does it cost to enter the challenge?

The signup fee is just $25 and we ask you to share your participation with your friends, family and co-workers, asking them to sponsor your participation.  Every dollar you raise will go to help enrich the lives of children.

How do I sign up?

Starting January 2, 2023, visit this page and sign up.  You’ll automatically be creating your own fundraising site.  You’ll have a unique URL to share and you can even use the site to directly reach out to potential supporters.  Share your participation with everyone you know, asking them to support you.

Please spread the word and use our hashtag #GetFit4Kids when you exercise and share photos of the contest.

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